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Make a ‘Sunshine’ pop-up-card for Fathers’ Day

September 1st, 2011 by ricko

Here’s a happy pop-up-card for Fathers’ Day. It’s easy to make, it’s colorful, and it’s fun at the same time. This ‘sunshine’ pop-up uses just two pieces of paper – a smiling face and the card base.

I hope your Dad likes this card! And if you can’t give it to your Dad then give it to a friend who’s feeling low.

Go ahead and get your free printable cut-outs and instructions here

Printable cut-outs and instructions for this easy pop-up-card - sunshine and cloud.

How it’s made

This card is based on a very simple v-fold design. The pop-up is attached to the card with tabs. Angular folds form a triangular shape which folds down when you close the card and flaps up when you open the card.

It card takes just 5 minutes to make. You just need a printer, scissors and a few drops of glue.

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Make a butterfly pop up card for Mother’s Day

May 5th, 2010 by ricko

This butterfly pop up card is another great Mother’s Day option. It’s slightly more complicated than the simple flower Mother’s Day card that I posted yesterday because it’s a three-piece card. You do need glue for this one and a bit more skill… but you’ll definitely love the results.

Instructions for making this card

Elegant Butterfly Pop-up-card for Mother's DayAll the steps for making this elegant pop-up are on this page. I’ve included illustrations and full sized cut-outs. It will only take you a few minutes to make, but please take care when cutting and fitting the pieces together…and the card will work perfectly.

First, carefully cut out the card and butterfly shapes from the printable template

Cut out each half of the butterfly

Cut slots in the two halves as shown in the steps and fit the two halves together. The wings should move freely.

Add a dab of glue to the supporting ‘feet’ and stick them to the card

Let the glue dry, close the card, and you’re done!

Information about this card

The ulysses butterfly is found on every continent except for Antarctica. It is usually found in tropical areas like Northern Queensland, and Papua New Guinea. They live below the Canopy in rain forests.

The beauty of this pop-up is the ‘floating layer’ design. If made correctly the wings appear to float unsupported in mid air! They open and close like real ulysses wings.

Did you mother like this card? Please leave a reply below :)



For Mother’s Day – Incredibly Easy Pop-Up Flower

May 4th, 2010 by ricko

Make a bright yellow rose that flaps open when you open the card.

Easy flower-pop-up-card for Mother's DayMy challenge was to design a pop-up-card for Mother’s day that was nice to look at and very easy to make. This card will take you about 4 minutes to assemble and works perfectly, and you won’t need any glue.

Step-by-step instructions

– First, get your printable flower template here
– Use scissors to cut the card shape including the rose flower that protrudes over the top
– Also cut into the left of the rose petal (under the petal – follow the line)
– Finally, fold along the dotted lines as shown in this video…



About this card

This is a one-piece pop up card. The secret to how it works is the two-way V-fold mechanism. You should bend the folds both ways to make them pliable. The lower part of the card makes a valley shape that folds inwards when you close it. The upper part of the card (the rose) folds the other way. This is how the flower hides inside. The artwork for this pop-up is based on a real yellow rose grown by our 90-year old Aunt Helen.

Did you mother like this card? Please leave a reply below :)

Also suitable for Mothers: Elegant Ulysses Butterly Pop-Up-Card – a two piece card. Still one of the most popular designs on this site.

butterfly-pop-up-card for mother's day

My Favorite Books on Making Pop-Up-Cards – A Review

April 20th, 2010 by ricko

Do you want to learn how to make your own pop-up-cards?

You can learn so much from books. Here I review my three favorites. They were so helpful to me when I was just starting out, and I still look them up when I need an idea. Many of the basic techniques used on this website are explained in these books.

But before you read the reviews please remember this. If you want to make your own pop-up-cards, the best thing you can do is grab some scissors and some paper and start practising. The more designs you try the more you’ll get the hang of it. Then after you’ve learned some basics you can apply your new skills and your imagination, and design your own cards.

Where to find these books…

The three books reviewed below are available at Amazon. That’s were I bought mine, but you might also be able to ask your local book store for help, or try your community library. I’ve included the publishers to help you track them down. I just find Amazon easy, and I’ve included the Amazon links to each book in case you decide to order your own copy.

A word of advice: Don’t choose a book just because it looks flashy. Sometimes the simplest looking books are the best teachers.

1. Pop-Up! A Manual of Paper Mechanisms

By Duncan Birmingham, Tarquin Publications

Pop-Up! A Manual of Paper Mechanisms - from AmazonWhat the author says:  “…a working guide to the intriguing mechanisms that leap up from pop-up cards.
The book starts with just three simple ideas, and then shows how they are extended, modified and combined to produce sophisticated fold-away paper sculptures…Although the title of this manual is ‘Pop-up’, it also deals with slides, pull strips and rotating wheels commonly found in imaginative children’s books.”

My ranking: 5 stars

This is one of the best guides you will ever see on making pop-ups. Don’t be fooled by the simple hand drawn look. It’s very comprehensive.

2. The Pop-Up Book

By Paul Jackson, Owl Books, Henry Holt and Company New York

The Pop-Up Book - AmazonWhat the author says: “the ultimate guide to creating paper pop-ups
…offers a clear and practical guide to the craft for all levels of artist, from home hobbyists to professional graphic designers and architects. Illustrated with specially commissioned photography, it includes specific projects with easy-to-follow steps, general techniques for greater personal experimentation and creativity, and a gallery of designs created by some of today’s best pop-up artists for an inspirational finish”.

My ranking:  3 1/2 stars :  This is a good showcase of real pop-ups created by a range of artists. This book does show you what’s possible, and that’s good – but it doesn’t always teach you how it’s done.

3. Paper Engineering for pop-up books and cards

Mark Hiner, Tarquin Publications, England

Paper Engineering BookWhat the author says: “…a basic dictionary or encyclopedia of mechanisms which do work and which can be used as starting points for further inventiveness…
These mechanisms are the basic ground-rules for successful paper engineering. Each is the starting point for a whole range of exciting possibilities…By choosing the right mechanism and then adapting and developing it to suit your needs, you can express an idea, a message or a mood far more vividly than any static picture ever can”

My ranking:  4 stars The book provides ten working models to cut out and make. It’s a great way to learn basic folds and mechanisms. This book will definitely help you understand how pop-up-cards work.

So there you have it. The three most important how-to books on pop-up-cards in my collection.

Have fun guys…


Make a BIG KISS Pop-Up-Card for Valentine’s Day

February 4th, 2009 by ricko

Valentine's Day KISS

The date of Valentine’s Day is 14 February and there’s no substitute for a BIG KISS… well OK, maybe a real kiss would be better than this pop up card, but it’s still pretty good!  It might be the perfect thing to give your loved one when you can’t send chocolates or roses or see them in person.

kiss pop-up-card by RickoSo, here’s how to make your BIG KISS pop up card…

1.    Print out the free Valentine’s Day Pop Up Design at this link.
2.    Carefully cut out each shape.
3.    Fold the pieces along the dotted lines (just follow the instructions on the page).
4.    You’ll see that the huge lips are held in place by a specially shaped support that’s mostly invisible from the front. Glue it on the card and let it dry.
5.     Now glue on the huge lips. Carefully close the card and see how the lips hide neatly away!

That’s all there is too it. Go ahead and make your BIG LIPS here and happy Valentine’s Day Everybody.



Important tips

Not everyone wants to be kissed on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t know the person very well then it’s not a good idea to send them a big kiss. Maybe send some flowers or a teddy bear.

Also, did you know that recently in India, a married couple was arrested for kissing in public? Obscenity charges were laid last September against the man and woman, aged in their twenties, for kissing near a train station. The charges were later dropped. The judge remarked he was surprised “an expression of love by a young married couple would attract an offence” (source MX News, Wednesday 4 February 2009).

So the lesson here is to respect other cultures and sensibilities, and have a great Valentine’s Day.

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