John Howard Flip-o-card


Make the card below and tilt to see unique paper-effect!

Time required: 3 minutes 
Level: easy!  |  No Glue required. 
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Instructions Below
This Card is provided for educational purposes
Follow the instructions to make this card
Get yourself a photo like the one below and fold as shown!


The Design...



The Video...

A traditional paper-illusion. Just cut-out your card or photo and gently fold as shown. Next, tilt the card and help Mr Howard smile or frown at your command!

No glue required. Subtle folds on the front are all you need to maximise the effect.

Click the video below to see card in action...





About this card: Climate Change Action

We all share the same air. We all share a responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to look after our planet. It's true that some countries produce a lot more pollution than other countries. But even a small country can take its future seriously.

Sometimes a government has to be strong and to do the hard stuff to make change happen. Signing the Kyoto Treaty is a good start. Setting hard targets that industry can plan for, and be innovative by, is also a great step.

Climate change was a significant issue in the 2007 Australian Federal election. It may have been one of the key deciders. In November 2007 the Liberal Party lost to Kevin Rudd's Labor. The Liberals had been lead by Prime Minister Howard for over 11 years. It's a sad fact that the greenhouse gas issue had been neglected and misunderstood over that time.