PopThatCard.com is the creation of Australian Cartoonist Ricko.

Rick is a member of the Australian Cartoonist Association and has been creating cartoons and illustration since he discovered Mad Magazine as a child.

He published his first cartoon in a national magazine when he was 12. It was about a cat, published by ACP Magazines Ltd

This was soon followed in high school with a cartoon of a 'wild office party' that won a prize by the Sydney Morning Herald. Rick only entered the competition because the prize was a book by one his favourite cartoonists, Matthew Martin, who is still one of Rick's all time favourite illustrators.

Rick's first commercial freelance job was a series of cartoons published by Australian surfing icon Tracks Magazine. He has illustrated books and brochures for businesses and non-profit organisations, and produces regular work for the Australian Magazine New Vegetarian.

In 2007 Rick won first prize in a Sydney Morning Herald competition to 'design a birthday card for the Prime Minister'. This year he attended the short course, Drawing and Illustration for Design, at the Sydney College of Fine Arts, by well-known artist Christopher Nielsen.


Samples of cartoons and illustrations by Ricko...


Sydney Morning Herald Card 2007


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