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Paper Crafts for young kids (aged between 3 to 7 years)

...A guide for parents and carers



An excellent paper craft site that I've found is called Free-kid-Crafts. It's designed for preschoolers and early school age children.

I've included a few samples from their site below:

"> Hand Print Peacock available from free-kid-crafts book Hand Print Peacock

If you look closely at the tail you'll see that it's made with lots of small hand prints. How cool is that?

Leaf Creature design available from free-kid-crafts book Leaf Creatures

I had never heard of making leaf creatures until I visited this site. The website has designs for other leaf creatures too, and encourages children to make up some of their own with what ever they find outside.

Toilet paper roll frog available from free-kid-crafts book Toilet Paper Roll Frog

A very simple and solid paper frog with full assembly instructions.