Make This Simple Flower Pop-Up Card for Mother's Day




"Mother's Day Flower"

One of the simplest pop-up-cards you will ever make ...needs no glue

Step-by-step instructions below
Time required: 4 minutes | Level: easy
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How to Make this Card...

First print this page
Then cut-out the paper shapes below
And follow the steps lower down
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Congratulations on printing your cut-outs from

Remember to cut out the shapes on the next page carefully.
Please read the instructions and follow each step.
I have included pictures to make it easy for you...

If you have any trouble printing or making this card then please see

Have fun!



The Cut-Outs...

Print out this page and carefully cut out the shapes

Make sure ALL of the images have appeared on this page before you print. If you have a slower dial-up connection this can take up to 40 seconds.

The steps...

This short video shows you how...



Before you make this card please read the instructions below...


The Instructions...


Some advice on the steps pictured above:

  1. You are about to make your own elegant Mother's Day pop-up.

    First, print the template then carefully cut out the card.
  1. Also cut part of the flower petal (cut along the line and see the video if you need more help).
  1. Fold along the dotted lines. Fold BOTH ways as in the video. This helps the flower hide away when you close the card.
  1. Fit the flower into the card as you close it.
    DO NOT use glue.
Congratulations. You're ready to POP!!
Final tips: It can help to 'score' along the lines before you fold (see pop-up-card making tips).