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One of the most elegant pop-up-cards you will ever make
... and simple too!

Time required: 10 minutes
Level: medium
VIDEO: Yes, below
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How to Make this Card...

First print this page
Then cut-out the paper shapes below
And follow the steps lower down
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Congratulations on printing your cut-outs from

Remember to cut out the shapes on the next page carefully.
Please read the instructions and follow each step.
I have included pictures to make it easy for you...

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Have fun!



The Cut-Outs...

Print out this page and carefully cut out the shapes

Make sure ALL of the images have appeared on this page before you print. If you have a slower dial-up connection this can take up to 40 seconds.

The steps...


Before you make this card please read the instructions below...


The Instructions...


Some advice on the steps pictured above:

  1. You are about to make your own elegant butterfly pop-up.

    Carefully cut out the card, and cut out each half of the butterfly.
  1. Fold the card along the dotted lines, then open it up again.
  1. Cut slots as shown in the picture. The slots should be as thick as the paper you are using.

    Fold the supports along the dotted lines so they have 'feet'.
  1. Fit the two butterfly halves together. Wings at the top with the supports underneath.
    DO NOT use glue yet :-)
  1. This is your butterfly shape. The wings should move freely.
  1. NOW you can glue. Stick the two supports to the card exactly as marked. Only use a few drops of glue.
    DON'T put any glue on the wings - just the supports.
    Now let the glue dry.
  1. That's it groover. Nice huh?
  1. Congratulations. You're ready to POP!



If made correctly the butterfly wings will suspend freely in the air. They need to open and close like real wings. Don't glue the wings to the card. Only the 'supports' are glued as shown in step 6.

Just remember to cut slots in the two halves then join them together as shown in step 4 (but don't use any glue).

 Make sure your creation is dry before you "pop it".




About this card: Ulysses Butterfly acknowledges the great work of Michelle at for the following information...

The ulysses butterfly is found on every continent except for Antarctica. It is found in most tropical areas like Northern Queensland, Northern islands of Australia and Papua New Guinea. They live below the Canopy in a Rainforest.

FOOD They eat Nectar from flowers, when they are feeding they also pollinate the flower.

APPEARANCE When flying or feeding they can be easily seen. When wings are closed they easily camouflage. There wingspan is about 9 cm. There caterpillar is green and white to blend in with the plants it feeds on. They are a dull brown colour under their wings and adults have metallic blue wings with a black border around. They are easy to recognise because of these electric blue wings. They have four wings that overlap.

INTERESTING FACTS This butterfly can see something blue 30m away. The Ulysses Butterfly is the symbol for Tropical Queensland. The ulysses butterfly is one of the biggest butterflies in Australia. Its common name is Blue Mountain Butterfly.

INTERESTING FEATURES This butterfly has thousands of lenses in each eye. It has no lungs but instead it has little holes on each side of its body to breath through. It has green blood. It uses its feet for tasting and its antennas for smelling.