Make a Cobra Pop-Up Card



One of the world's best known snakes - an easy-to-make pop up card.

Step-by-step instructions below
Time required: 8 minutes
Level: easy
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How to Make this Card...

First print this page
Then cut-out the paper shapes below
And follow the steps lower down
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Congratulations on printing your cut-outs from

Remember to cut out the shapes on the next page carefully.
Please read the instructions and follow each step.
I have included pictures to make it easy for you...

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Have fun!



The Cut-Outs...

Print out this page and carefully cut out the shapes

Make sure ALL of the images have appeared on this page before you print. If you have a slower dial-up connection this can take up to 40 seconds.

The steps...

Before you make this card please read the instructions below...


The Instructions...


Some advice on the steps pictured above:

  1. You are about to make your own cobra pop-up-card.

    Print out this page and carefully cut out the pieces.
  1. There are two pieces - a 'card' and a 'cobra piece'.

    Fold the card along the dotted line, then open it up again.
  1. Next fold the cobra piece - along the middle and at the tabs (fold along the dotted lines).
  1. Open the cobra again.
  1. Put a little bit of glue under each tab...Only use a few drops.
  1. NOW you can stick the cobra to the card. Stick it exactly where shown.

    Now let the glue dry.
  1. That's it groover. You're ready to POP!
Final tips:

This is a very simple card to print and make. But be careful to fold exactly along the dotted lines.

Make sure your creation is dry before you "pop it".




About this card: The Cobra acknowledges Reptiles and Amphibians - Miles Kelly Publishers, for some of the following information...

When on the defensive, a cobra rears its head back in a striking pose. It spreads the skin of its neck into a flat hood to make it look bigger. I've tried to capture that movement in this pop-up design.

People often say that the Cobra is the world's deadliest snake. One reason for this is that, in India, Cobras kill more than 7000 people every year. Also, a king cobra bite can reportedly kill an elephant in under 4 hours.

You would think that snake charmers are mad the way they put themselves in danger, getting the cobra to sway back and forth, as though in a trace. To an onlooker it appears as though the cobra is about to strike - and it sometimes does! But there's a trick. The snake's fangs have been permanently removed to make its bite harmless.