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Huge lips that hit you when you open the card. There's no escaping the Big Kiss! 

Time required: 7minutes
Level: medium
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How to Make this Card...

First print this page
Then cut-out the paper shapes below
And follow the steps lower down
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Congratulations on printing your cut-outs from

Remember to cut out the shapes on the next page carefully.
Please read the instructions and follow each step.
I have included pictures to make it easy for you...

If you have any trouble printing or making this card then please see

Have fun!



The Cut-Outs...

Print out this page and carefully cut out the shapes

Make sure ALL of the images have appeared on this page before you print. If you have a slower dial-up connection this can take up to 40 seconds.

The steps...

Before you make this card please read the instructions below...


The Instructions...


Some advice on the steps pictured above:

  1. Carefully cut out each shape.
  1. Fold the card along the dotted lines, then open it up again.
  1. The Big Lips are held in place by this specially shaped support. Fold it as shown in the picture.
  1. After you've glued the support in place it should look like this. Stick it exactly over the markings on the card. Let dry.
  1. Make the Big Lips nice and bendy.
  1. Glue the Big Lips onto the support base as shown in the picture.

    First - smear some glue onto each tab. Then stick the back of the lips to these tabs. The tabs should touch the top half of the lips. Now let the glue dry.
  1. Looking good! Carefully close the card and see how the lips hide neatly away from your unsuspecting friend!
  1. xxx to you!
Final tips:

Make sure your creation is dry before you "pop it".




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Well, what else is their to say? Surprise a friend today.