Make a simple paper helicopter




Paper Helicopter

A basic and appealing paper toy that needs no glue

Cut-out instructions below
Time required: Just two minutes!
Level: WAY EASY!
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How to Make this Card...

First print this page
Then cut-out the paper shapes below
And follow the steps lower down
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Congratulations on printing your cut-outs from

Remember to cut out the shapes on the next page carefully.
Please read the instructions and follow each step.
I have included pictures to make it easy for you...

If you have any trouble printing or making this card then please see

Have fun!



The Cut-Outs...

Print out this page and carefully cut out the shapes

Make sure ALL of the images have appeared on this page before you print. If you have a slower dial-up connection this can take up to 40 seconds.

The steps...


Before you make this card please read the instructions below...


The Instructions...


Some advice on the steps pictured above:

  1. Print the above cut-out. 
  1. Cut the shape.
  1. Fold down the two rotors - one towards you and one away from you.
  1. Add a small weight to the bottom like a paper clip.
  1. When your paper helicopter is ready, drop it from a small height and watch it spin softly to earth. Enchanting.
This is a simple and traditional design. See my Spinning Ghost design for a really classy paper toy.