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It's amazing what you can create with a sheet of paper.

All you need is a printer, a pair of scissors, and some glue...Click on one of the designs below and get popping!



Look-out! Scorpion Pop-up-card

With menacing stinger and giant pincers,
this scorpion wants your sleeping bag!
Time required: 6 mins
Grade: medium

Make your scorpion pop-up-card here



An Awesome, Simple Flower
for Mother's Day

This colourful rose needs no glue. Easy.

Get your cut-outs here



Christmas Star Pop up card

A very effective pop-up. A star that arches across a mountain as you open the card.
Time required: 10 mins
Grade: Medium
Here it is


A classic and beautiful pop-up of a Ulysses Butterfly. A popular printable card.  Time required: 10 mins
Grade: Medium
Step-by-step instructions



Printable Cobra pop-up

A cobra snake that folds neatly away...
then rears up when the card is opened!
Time required: 7 mins
Grade: easy
Print and make this pop-up


Sunshine pop-up card

An easy card to start.
Give to a friend who's feeling low
Time required: 5 mins
Grade: easy
Go to the instructions page

Spinning Ghost!

Not a pop-up-card, but a great paper trick.
Time required: 6 mins
Grade: easy
Step-by-step instructions


'Not Sushi'

Flip open this pop-up-card to reveal a surfing whale.
Anti-Whaling Theme
Time required: 10 mins
Grade: Medium
Make this card

Big Kiss

Surprise your friends with these HUGE LIPS! Easy to make and lots of fun to share.
Time Required: 8 minutes
Grade: Medium
Make this Printable Card


All cut-outs are tested on both colour and black-and-white printers, using plain copy paper. More designs added soon.